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Trying to find the Balance

Check it out » Vanity! All is vanity. And hype.: 30 Days of Summer Break Doctor Who: Day 9



Day 09: Name something/someone in real life that you suspect is from Doctor Who

I’m just about convinced that the Mythbusters are all just fob-watched Time Lords:

Who else but a Time Lord would have the questionable fashion sense that necessitates a beret and a walrus moustache? Who else would have so much damned fun exploring myths and facts and what science can explain about our planet? Who else would want to expose the truth?

Who else would look so dapper and so right in this get up? (taken from Reddit)


And then of course there’s this:

I’m on to you, Mythbusters…you can’t hide from me.

And then there’s this…

OMG!!! SQUEE!!!!!

THIS IS THE BEST THING ALL WEEK! (and it’s only Monday morning!)

I knew there were more reasons to love them for more than just the show and their obvious science geekiness!  (and the fact that Tory looks like Alistair…)